Someday my (Nigerian) prince will come.......Plus? A gratuitous rant about my ex in-laws, because really, if they're taking time out of their busy day to stalk my blog, I should at least say hi, right?

I was checking statcounter to see who was stalking me admiring my writing style today, when I ran across this, wedged right between google searches for "shiny testicle" and "incontinence fetish":
I NEED A LOAN IN USA $2000usd very urgent please help.


So I dug deeper into the search profile (yes, dear ex-inlaws, that's how I know you stalk me, and how I know you also have your friends stalk my blog. Here's a hint: when stalking, don't have your friend from Lake In The Hills check my blog 184 198 times. I haven't even written that many entries. In fact, your bumbling stalker is on my blog right now, going through October - November's entries. For the 8th time in two months. You really need to be smarter, and find smarter friends. NOT that person in Oak Brook, though. That person is nearly as lame as your LITH person. Using two slightly different IP addresses and checking my blog over 181 times in 5 weeks looks a little suspicious. I really don't know what you think you're going to find, but feel free to increase my site revenue by making numerous and continuous hits on every page. Insert smiley face here.)*

So, where was I? Oh right. I dug deeper into the search and came up with this

That's right! This person is from Nigeria, so you know what this means, right?

Wait for it........wait for it.......

An actual Nigerian Prince *squeal* has visited my blog! OHMIGOD I may just faint. Right here, right now.

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm waiting for a very important email.

*gratuitous rant