This just may be my jump the shark moment. Maybe.

I know Jillsmo, I know.

My guest blog was L-A-T-E.

But? my purse got stolen this week.

And some racist jerks from my hometown decided to verbally bash me on my own blog for being that one salmon, swimming against the stream.


But did you know that with IntenseDebate you can actually change a stalker's rant into an guilty admission of racism and closeted homosexuality? Well, you can.

Jill very kindly gave me until Friday, so while she and everyone else were getting drunk at #wineparty, I was stuck at home IN REAL LIFE! Ha ha on her though! I still drank.


I was incredibly honored to be asked by Jill, over at Yeah. Good Times, to write a guest post about a judgemental, holier-than-thou asshat named LZ Granderson. LZ is a contributor to CNN and he wrote an article entitled, "Permissive Parents: Curb Your Brats".

Whether your the parent of a perfect child, the parent of a handful or childless, those are fighting words, any way you look at it.

Well played LZ. Well played.

I considered writing a counter-article, which I would call "Entitled Adult, Curb Your Desire For The World To Always Go Your Way. Because It Won't. Life's Just Like That Sometimes."

I took incredible offense to the article written by LZ, because of the judgemental, close-minded and one-way-only nature of his tirade.

Why? Because I am the parent of a handful.

So you can check out my guest post, along with my friend Jill's awesome blog. Seriously, you need to follow that sh*t. And? I could actually drop the eff bomb on her blog. On my blog I can only drop the *ff bomb, because my family reads it.