Amazing facts. Seriously. These facts are f*cking fantastic.

Today has been a day of facts. Amazing, surprising, interesting, and all courtesy of my 10 year-old son, Z. 

Let me back up. My mom and I had made plans to go to a local flea market (I scored a 1930's sterling silver Art Deco necklace for $10!!)
You jelly, bro?

This morning we all overslept, and kept my mom waiting, which she HATES. The upside was that while I was showering, she sorted and started all of my laundry!

Total. Win.

So the kids and I race to her car (Seriously. She hates to be kept waiting) and I BEG her to stop at Starbucks. So I can get my much needed coffee fix. This is how that went:

Me: Moooommmmm!!! PLEEEEEZZEEEE take me to Starbucks! PLLEEEEZZEEEE!!!! (Just in case you're wondering, yes, I am a grownup).

She: They have coffee at Bob Evans. You can get some there.

Me: NOOOOOO!!!! It won't be iced and they won't know what I mean when I say I want a trente iced coffee with 3.5 pumps of mocha and 1.5 pumps of classic, with room. PLEEEEEEZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEEE...............

She: ........

Me: ......EEEEEEEEE!!!!! I will be in and out so quick, you won't believe it! (At this point, I was so desperate that i dug in my wallet for my Starbucks card and held it on my lap like a good little addict daughter.) Then I told her that she didn't even have to stop at Starbucks. She could just slow the car down and I would jump out. To save time. 

*editors note - I got my trente iced coffee with 3.5 pumps of mocha and 1.5 pumps of classic. With room for cream. And it was GLORIOUS.

But during the ride to Bob Evans, and then to the flea market, Z regaled all of us with Fun Facts. 

Did you know that sheep are able to recognize each other, from photographs?

Did you know that elephants and humans are the only animals that can stand on their heads?

Did you know that killer honeybees kill more people each year than venomous snakes?

Did you know that the Sarcosuchus had the most powerful bite force (18,000 PSI) in the world? That's more than the T-Rex!

So, I got tons of super cool vintage jewelry (and my birthday is in a month, just fyi.....). Then my mom dropped the kids and me off at home. 

Then this happened:

Z just got back from church camp on Saturday, and he's been telling me about all of the things he's learned, which is pretty awesome.

Z: Mama? Do you know what gangs did before Jesus was born? 

I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly, so I said, "GANGS?" He sighed and said, "YES! GANGS!" Then he told me that before Jesus was born, gangs used to kill sheep and write graffiti on the walls with sheep's blood. You know. Because spray paint hadn't been invented. 

Here is how I picture this going down:
Yep, being an artist was my 2nd calling..