Because nothing tastes better than a grilled chicken with a can of beer shoved up its ass.

Tonight the kids and I spent the day with my best friend, her 2 kids (who are friends with my 2 kids), and her husband. K and I drank margaritas, the kids swam, and her amazing husband grilled ribs and 2 chickens. It was amazeballs. So good.

K's  husband cooked something called, "Beer-Butt Chicken", and I've never had chicken that was so juicy and yummy in my life.

If you've never had (or heard of) Beer-Butt Chicken, then you've come to the right place, because I'm going to tell you how it's done.

1. Buy a whole chicken
2. Rinse it
3. Heat your grill to 350 degrees
4. Open a can of beer
5. While holding the chicken vertically, shove the can of beer up the chicken's asshole
6. Open another can of beer
7. Drink this beer in an attempt to forget the fact that you just anally assaulted a dead chicken
8. Use toothpicks to hold the skin together at the neck
9. Set the chicken, ass side down, on your grill
10. Shut the grill lid
10. Walk away for 1.5 hours
11. Use kitchen shears to cut the chicken open, because that beer can is going to be HOT
12. Eat that ish
13. Go to the store and buy your wife and her friend more margaritas
14. Clean up after dinner while your wife and her friend drink
15. Do some laundry

Ok, 14-15 are optional, but that's what K's husband did. I'm pretty sure it made the chicken taste better.

13 is NOT optional, however K's husband seemed to feel that it was, so we got no more margaritas. :(


  1. OMG, laughed out loud with tears on the reason for 2nd beer.

  2. Stu says total time for cooking is 1:30. He loved #7.

  3. Reading this made me hungry, want to get drunk and slightly creeped out. 4stars! Now I need to go open a beer... and drink it. I'm not shoving any of my beer up anythings ass. This shit cost money.