I can't be the only one who has these questions, right?

When I was young, there was a show on t.v. It was in syndication, so I could always count on it being on when I got home from school at 3:30. Also, it was approximately on the same cognitive level of a 4th grader, which I was.

It was called Gilligan's Island:

The more I watched Gilligan's Island (which was daily), the more questions I had, and continue to have. Questions such as:

1. Just how far did that ship get in 3 hours, that they couldn't be discovered by rescue ships or helicopters? I mean, it wasn't like they set sail from California and ended up near Fiji. It was a 3 hour tour for Pete's sake.

2. Why did Ginger have so many outfits? Also, didn't she think to pack any jeans or "trousers" as they were called back then? I mean, she packed the most impractical clothing options, especially for a 3 hour tour.

3. What the f*ck were Thurston Howell III and his wife doing on a lame-ass 3 hour tour with the likes of Mary Ann and The Professor? I mean, didn't they have their own yacht? And why did he bring so much cash for such a short trip?

4. Coconuts and bananas. That's basically all they had to eat for their entire duration on that island. According to Dr. Google, bananas constipate you, and coconuts give you gas and act as a laxative. You do the math.

5. What did they do for toilet paper?

6. What did Mary Ann and Ginger do when they got their periods? Did they figure it out themselves, or did they ask The Professor for ideas?

7. Did Mary Ann and The Professor ever Do It?

8. Why could they build a radio out of a coconut, but they couldn't fix a hole in their ship?

9. How was Ginger's hair always perfect? As in just got done at the beauty parlor/hot rollers/hairspray perfect?

10. What was really going on between The Skipper and Gilligan? Am I the only one thinking S&M?