An open letter to Donald Trump fans (please share)

Hey you!

Do you own a small business? Or does your mom, dad, sister, wife, brother, or best friend own a small business? Do you work for a small business? Odds are, either you or someone you know is a small business owner.

Hell. I'M a small business owner.

So I know the exact amount of sweat, anxiety, fear, elation, confusion, and, pride that goes into opening and operating a small business.

Compared to someone like Donald Trump, we're small potatoes. Potato seeds, even.

That small.

Except guess what? There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of lawsuits, complaints, injunctions, and settling out of court in Trump's background.
Because he screws over his contractors. He screws over the architects, glass people, carpenters, machinists, and so on.

And? If you provided a service Trump wanted, he would hire you.

And then, after you had performed your very best work for Mr. Trump and sent him your invoice?

Then you would wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Meanwhile, the mortgage has to be paid, your rent is due, liability insurance is due this month, and insurance, and food, and the car note(s), your kid has an othodontist appointment, your supplier are hounding you for money, and your daughters tuition is due, and maybe there's a wedding.

This is what happened to the people who trusted Trump. Who believed he would follow through on a promise. And he screwed them.

Well guess what?  THEY had a written, notarized contract. And he still screwed them. Blatantly. In broad daylight, even.

HE SCREWS THE WORKING MAN, AND LEECHES OFF THE BACKS OF REGULAR PEOPLE. People like you and me. WE didn't get a "small loan" of $1,000,000 when we graduated college.

Know what I got? A swift dose of reality, in the form of a size 11 coming at my face (I worked on a rough girl's group home).

He THEN inherited another $40 million when his dad died.


Donald Trump has a GOLD TOILET, FOR FUCKS SAKE. Admit it. People like you and I would SELL THAT FREAKING TOILET! Disneyworld. Paying down the mortgage. New car. College tuition. 401k. Whatever you feel like buying because YOU JUST SOLD A FUCKING SOLID GOLD TOILET, Y'ALL.


Are you starting to see the differences between hardworking, regular people such as yourself, and the pampered, bloated, never-worked-a-hard-day-in-his-life Donald Trump?

Have you even SEEN how soft and white his hands look? When was the last time that guy ever did a solid day's work?

THIS is the guy you like? I don't think so. I think that if you met him at a backyard barbecue, he'd somehow manage to make you feel insignificant, small, insecure, judged, and pissed.

What on earth makes you think he wouldn't  screw you? Those contractors believed his promise. AND THEY HAD A WRITTEN CONTRACT. You won't even have that. So then he would refuse to pay you. And then his lawyers would call you and tell you that Mr. Trump will drag this case out for years. And you can't afford that,  so you should settle for $.30 on the dollar.

He's a parasite.