They Don't MAKE Poop Flavored Suckers!

I had to take my kids to the bank with me one day, because they go pretty much everywhere with me. Zach, because he is 7 and SO FREAKIN' ADHD YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO WRAP YOUR MIND AROUND IT!  And Julia, because she's 11 and can't control Zach. She thinks she can, but then he throws a tennis ball or a rollerblade at her and she realizes she'd rather not be left alone with him, thank-you-very-much.

I told the kids if they were good, they could have a sucker from the teller. They'll do almost anything for sugar, so I was pretty sure I could count on appropriate behavior for at least 5 minutes.

After I finished my transaction the kind lady teller brought her basket of dum-dum suckers around the counter, bent down, and offered it to my children.

It was very sweet, and looked like this:

Zach picked his sucker first, he chose chocolate. Then Julia picked hers. She's always been adventurous, so I wasn't surprised when she picked "Mystery Flavor".

Julia: "Cool! Mystery flavor! I wonder what it tastes like?"

Sweet Teller Lady: "Maybe it tastes like strawberry-cherry? Or blueberry-banana?"

Julia: "Yeah!"

Then it looked like this:

Zach: "Or maybe it tastes like POOP!"

Then it looked like this:


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....what did it taste like?!??!

  2. I think it was pineapple cream or something like that. I do remember Zach bugging Julia to eat it and asking her if it tasted like poop. She was so pissed!