Today I Will Be Focused, I Will Be On Task, I Will Be.....Oooh! Shiny!

Here is a list of things I wanted to get accomplished this week:

1.  Finish painting living room ceiling
2.  Finish painting dining room
3.  List 35 items on ebay
4.  Clean my entire house
5.  Do laundry
6.  Fold and put away all laundry
7.  Re-finish that table/desk I got at the thrift store
8.  Write 2 blog entries
9.  Catch up on paperwork from my real job
10. Pay bills
11. Rake and bag leaves
12. Take a shower/bath

Here is what I got done:

1.   Swept the dining room floor
2.   Did some laundry
3.   Threw it in the "clean pile" with the rest of the laundry in my room
4.   Checked Facebook. My page has 14 followers and 1 more reader!
5.   Finished the table/desk from the thrift store
6.   Currently writing 1 blog entry
7.   Checked my blog page to see how many hits I got today. I have a new viewer from the Netherlands!   
      Hei Venn!
8.   Made a screen shot of all of this week's viewers around the world to include in this blog. Just so   you know how important/famous/popular I'm getting. See?


9.   After previewing my blog, spent 17 minutes obsessively trying to fix #7. It still looks stupid. Sorry.
10. Caught up on precisely 1/40th of the work from my real job
11. Previewed my blog again. Ok, now # 8 looks stupid.
12. Great. Now so does #9. I suck.
13. Start to sink into a shame/hate spiral.
14. Check Technorati. I'm up 21,000 spots from last week!
15. Remember how awesome I am. Shame/hate spiral stopped in it's tracks.
16. Checked Statcounter. People are starting to Google my blog!
17. Check Facebook again. Ooohh! DeeAnne finally posted the pics from my birthday!
18. Spent 20 minutes working on my birthday pix. Here's one:

Yeah, Johnny flew in from France. It was a very special night. Thanks Dee!

19. Called DirectTV to get my satellite service re-instated, as I forgot to pay bills
20. Checked to see if my latest blog made the top 8. It did!
21. Bought some super cute sweats (neccessary)
22. Went to a birthday party
23. Took a nap in my car
24. Made mental note to self - pay heating bill before Tuesday, to avoid shut-off
25. Realize that bullet points/numbered lists aren't my forte
26. Checked facebook again. Amy posted some pix from her birthday! Here's one:

27. Went to the grocery store. Bought Dibs!
28. Played blackjack on my cell phone and ate Dibs in my car, parked in my driveway
29. Gave my children a bath
30. Had a glass of win. (lol, that was on purpose!)

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  1. OMG you are my long lost twin, separated at birth!!!! Love this!!!