Minty green eggs sans ham, I met Shinedown, a broken wrist, and Happy Mother's Day!

Tonight, I was scrolling through my unpublished blog posts, looking for something to post. Because I'm totally lazy like that. And I found this. Apparently I wrote it sometime in May.....

Last year, for Mother's Day, my daughter made me green eggs, sans ham.

I bet you're thinking that she colored them with the green food coloring in our pantry. You would be WRONG.

She ignored the green food coloring, and instead used the 8-year-old peppermint extract that she found waaaay back in the obscure cupboard that also contained 2 rotten potatoes and a bottle of alum I bought for a science experiment when she was in 1st grade. So....for Mother's Day 2012 I got a breakfast of potentially toxic minty eggs.

Also? She and my son gave me a flower that "we pooled all of our money together for!" Awww, right? Except when I was looking for change in my wallet later that day, I discovered that my wallet was empty.

Turns out I paid for my Mother's Day flower.

Well played, children. Well played, indeed.

This year, I decided to take Mother's Day into my own hands. Or hand, actually. Since I broke my wrist 4 days (May 2013) ago at a Shinedown concert.
That's right. I AM the klutziest person you know.


The concert, not the breaking of my wrist. I saw Shinedown in Moline 2 months ago (February 2013), and it honestly was a much better venue than where I saw them Tuesday *cough*Springfield*cough*. Also, I had a broken wrist then.
This was the 2nd of three casts I got on this wrist

I break easily.

But I got to meet the band, and they all gave me hugs! And Brent Smith KISSED. MY. BROKEN. WRIST.