Well hello there looky-loo!

I hope you like my blog, but it's ok if you don't. I'm really doing it because my psychiat  friend says it will help my defense attorney writing career if I keep a log of anything I have ever done, anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Ever. Mind if I take your picture?

My superpower:
The ability to confuse and distract others, thereby causing them to momentarily feel as though they also have ADHD. It's a rare talent.

Personal Interests:
Zombie raccoons, skydiving without a parachute (just watching), counting roadkill (in season), writing my memoirs, constructing fantasies wherein I am beautiful, smart, popular and witty, mind control.

A Secret:
I have a serious side, but I have a hard time being serious in real life. My blog is a great way of letting my serious out without having to look at your face to gauge your reaction.

Because that's SO awkward.